Sacred Rings of Jupiter - Jay Semko and Randy Woods

Sacred Rings of Jupiter is an instrumental music duo featuring Jay Semko and Randy Woods, formed in 2015. The two composers have worked together on numerous instrumental and lyric-based projects, most notably the music score for the History Television series "Dust Up', nominated in the 2013 Canadian Screen Awards for Best Original Music for a Non-Fiction Program or Series, and Jay Semko's most recent solo album Flora Vista, winner of the 2015 SCMA Award for Roots Album of the Year. Their love of textured atmospheric music brought SROJ to life for their debut self-titled album, recorded at Randy Woods Studio in 2015. Sacred Rings of Jupiter was inspired by deep meditation, contemplation and elevation and a fascination with inner and outer space. The music of Sacred Rings of Jupiter is hypnotic, spiritual, sensual and deeply emotional, composed and recorded organically, keeping the conscious and subconscious tones and feelings of space and humanity always acutely present. Multiple layers of lush and often subtle textures inhabit the undefinable world of Sacred Rings of Jupiter. This debut album is the first of a trilogy based on an epic journey through our solar system to mysterious, luscious Jupiter.....




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